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Neil Price Construction Services Ltd operates the only volumetric mobile concrete mixer in the Furness and South Lakes area, offering many advantages over the traditional drum mixer and producing quality concrete products


All our concrete is mixed on site so it is delivered fresh and will not be beginning to set by the time it arrives. Extended delivery times can also be accommodated

Never over or under order again because the exact quantity is mixed on site for your project - which also means you need only to provide an approximate quantity when ordering

Only pay for the concrete you use (rounded up to the nearest 0.25m3). No waste

More than one mix can be provided from the same delivery i.e. weak mix for filling up and strong mix on top to help reduce costs

Slump can be adjusted on site by adding or reducing the water to give the workability needed for the job

Up to 8m3 capacity from each load helps to reduce number of vehicle movements on bigger pours

Long-reach chutes with swivel to place the concrete accurately, up to 7m (22 ft) from rear axle, therefore reducing labour requirements

One local point of contact for advice, quotations, ordering and invoicing

Quality guaranteed we mix our concrete using only quality tested aggregates and high strength Portland cement to produce quality concrete products through the South Lakes area.

Our range of mixes include

Mix Typical Use Typical Crush (n/mm2)
P180 Bulk filling, blinding 10
P200 Bulk filling, path edging 15
P240 Standard wall foundations, shed bases, kerb laying 25
P280 Single storey house/extension foundations, small internal non-reinforced slabs 30
P300 Two storey house/extension foundations, internal non-reinforced slabs 35
P335 Garage slab, external reinforced slabs 40
P365 High strength industrial and heavy duty applications 45
Screed Mix Finish to floors, under floor heating applications  
Form Concrete Pouring around pipes, void filling  

The above table is a guide only and any advice given should be confirmed
by your own engineer or building control. Please contact us for further details on all our mixes and concrete applications.


Bouthwood Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 4RD, Tel: 01229 839966, Fax: 01229 814310, Email: office@neil-price.co.uk

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